Disney Planes #FireandRescue Release #ad

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Is it me or have the past few months flown by? It seems like school just started and now we're counting down the days to Christmas already. One of my favorites things about this season is all of the movies that are released just in time for the holidays. To celebrate the release of Disney’s “Planes Fire & Rescue” on Blu-ray and Digital HD on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, I want to take a minute to talk about the Everyday Heroes in our lives - our kids.

Are my kids Everyday Heroes? Absolutely. And I hope yours are too! There are certainly enough super-powers to go around, so let's all embrace the hero qualities that our kids have.

No one is saying that you need to be perfect to be a hero. Even the best heroes have their faults. But, one thing I've noticed about my kids (and some of the coolest heroes around) is that being a hero means taking the the spotlight off of yourself and putting it on someone else instead. It means doing good things for others because you know it's the right thing to do, not because you want to be acknowledged.

There is something special about being humble and helping others. Just like Dusty, from Planes Fire & Rescue, it's important to recognize that sometimes you need to shift gears to make an impact. 

In Planes Fire & Rescue, Dusty, a world-famous air racer learns that he may never race again and he is launched into the world of aerial firefighting. Dusty joins forces with a team of veteran firefighters; together, they battle a massive fire, and Dusty learns what it takes to become a true hero. 

This movie is a fun high energy action-adventure story that is perfect for the whole family. And, I like the message that putting your ego to the side and working together as a team can lead to great accomplishments. 

“A real hero doesn't expect to be thanked or even recognized.” 

― Tom Collins

Now, that the weather is already getting ridiculously cold here in the Philadelphia suburbs, I know my family and I are going to be having more cozy movie nights over the next few months.  If you are too, you might want to buy Disney Planes Fire and Rescue here. It's a heroic story filled with humor and heart. 


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Have you heard of Jamberry nail wraps yet?

This is a guest post from Jen who is a Jamberry Nails consultant. 

Gone are the days of the single colored manicure! Jamberry nail wraps are vinyl wraps that are applied at home, to your natural or artificial nails using a hair dryer or Jamberry mini heater!

Jamberry nail wraps are available in over 300 different designs. Some are patterned, floral, sparkly, or solid. There is something for everyone! They match your style while demanding very little of your time or money. ~ Join the nail revolution, ladies! And don’t forget your little ladies… Jamberry Juniors nail wraps feature fun, trendy designs made for the littlest of hands.

Choose from a variety of styles, including ‘MOMMY & ME’ sets which feature nail wraps also found in adult sizes so you and your little one can sport matching manis!

Navy Quatrefoil and Porcelain

One regular sheet includes 18 Jamberry nail wraps. A regular sheet can be used for two to three applications, depending on the size and length of your nails. Also Jamberry nail wraps last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 4 weeks on toes.

Jamberry wraps are also chemical free and made in the USA!

Each sheet of Jamberry Juniors includes two coordinating designs. With 28 wraps of one design and 14 of the other, you can get up to five applications.

Where Can You Get Jamberry Nail Wraps?

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Jamberry wraps can be purchased at http://www.jentrueman.jamberrynails.net/shop, or at a Facebook or home party.

Are Jamberry Nail Wraps Easy to Apply?

Wondering how easy it is to apply Jamberry Nails? While Jamberry sells mini-heaters like the one in the video below, you can apply with just your hair dryer! SO easy, you won’t even believe it. 

For more information about Jamberry or to request a sample,get in touch with Jen!  She is happy to answer any questions you have about Jamberry Nail Wraps.  Click here to contact her ot visit Jen's website to check out all of the latest Jamberry products. 



It's Not Too Late To Put a Label On It!

Years ago, when my son went to daycare for the first time, it was really important to me to make sure he had everything he needed to be comfortable, including: extra clothes, blankets, and his bottles. I wanted to make sure all of his things were clearly recognizable and I labeled everything!

I ordered dishwasher & washing machine safe labels so that no one could confuse his belongings with any of the other babies in the nursery. Getting these labels was one of the best things I ever did because it gave me peace of mind that my son was getting his bottles and all of his favorite things while at daycare.  



Eight+ Years Later

Now, more than 8 years later, I continue to buy these labels for all of my sons' back-to-school stuff. Mabel's Labels, who kindly sent me some of their labels to review, makes hip labels that are extremely durable. They have labels that are dishwasher/laundry safe and customizable to your needs. They are perfect for all of my kids' outerwear and pricey sports equipment too!

How I Use Mabel's Labels

My tip: Get your last name and phone number on our labels, so that anyone can track you down to return a lost item. During the change of seasons, you never know if your kids are going to keep their light jackets or sweatshirts on during recess. But, if you have your name and phone number listed right on your label, there's a pretty good chance a lost item won't end up in lost and found. I also stick a label on my cell phone too.  Better safe than sorry, right?

If you haven't heard of Mabel's Labels, they are a leading provider of personalized labels for kids and adults. Their custom labels include sticky labels for clothing, personalized stickers for tweens, school labels, name labels, iron-on clothing labels/name tags, book plates, label stickers/adhesive labels for the home, and children’s labels for look-alike items sent to school, daycare or camp.

Check out their awesome selection of labels at MabelsLabels.com!


Back to School Tips

I can't believe it's time to go back to school already!  

This is my first year that both of my sons will be in school full-time and we're ready for it! We just found out who their teachers will be and now, we are excited to learn which kids will be in their classes. This is the moment they've been waiting for, and I'm excited to share it with them.

I remember back to when my eldest was entering kindergarten. He was incredibly excited, and his eagerness to get in the classroom definitely put me at ease. This year, he'll be able to guide my little guy through full-day elementary school and I think we're all looking forward to it just as much.

Three years ago, as I was anticipating my son's first day in kimdergarten, I wrote up a blog post with lots of tips based on suggestions from the American Academy of Pediatrics. My kids have changed so much over the past few years, but these tips have with held the test of time. 

Read more here: Back to School Advice for Parents and Kids