Weight Loss: Putting It All On The Table

I don't watch much t.v., but when I do, I'm a sucker for those "reality" shows. There's something about seeing people in everyday situations that totally reels me in, no matter how ridiculous it is. I think blogging about weight loss is a bit like that. You have to put it all out there. You can't lie about weight loss because people will see if you've lost, gained, stayed the same. That's reality.

When I first started writing about fitness & weight loss, I purposely tried not to make any big commitments. Partially because I didn't want it to be obvious if I failed, but mostly because I've knew I was still figuring it all out. 

I don't think there is a cookie cutter approach when it comes to healthy weight loss & staying fit. I need to figure out what works for me now.  I've learned that what worked for me 10 years ago isn't necessarily what will work right now. Life is different. I have a husband, kids, different responsibilities and a changing schedule. But, I've taken long enough to figure it out, and I'm ready to push forward.

So, come back next weekend to see how my first full week back on Weight Watchers is going. I'm also aiming for 3-4 hours of mid/high intensity workouts. Each day, I'm going to do a short diary and then publish it all together next weekend. Talk about accountability!

If you're trying to get in shape or lose weight too, let me know. Have you already succeeded?  If so, what are your best tips?