Back To Basics: Walking The Weight Off

You know I've been on a mission to lose some weight, right? Well, this week, I'm extremely proud of the progress I've made. The funny thing is, the numbers on the scale didn't even change. I'm still down about 15 pounds and moving in the right direction!

A few hours after I wrote about Losing Baby Weight Via The K.I.S.S. Method , I saw a Facebook update from Jillian Michaels that was completely in-line with my thoughts that day. Jillian's Facebook status said:

 "Weight loss tip - So many people come up to me and tell me they can’t lose weight and yet, I haven’t ever met a person I can’t take weight off. You're not counting calories. Forget all the fad diets for a moment and just focus on the basics. Weight loss will always require burning more calories than you take in. Calories in versus calories out. If you're trying to lose weight I recommend 1200 cals a day for a woman & 1400 cals a day for a man. Only exception is green veggies. Eat as many greens as you want, but make sure they aren’t cooked in a fattening sauce. Don’t get hamstrung by fads like avoiding carbs or grains, going raw, and so on. It’s perfectly healthy to eat carbs, fat, and protein as long as they are not overly processed and loaded with chemicals like trans fats, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, hfcs, and so on. Eat real food with calorie control and you can’t go wrong."

This is great advice and it's true. It's really not rocket science. It's all about calories and exercise. This past week, I've walked close to 10 miles and I'm really avoiding the processed junk. Now that I've incorporated exercise into my daily routine, I'm focusing more on counting calories and increasing my exercise.  
Just like DietBet motivated me to get started with my weight loss and lose the first 10 pounds, Endomondo has made a huge difference in my motivation to exercise. It's a free app that I downloaded on my phone. It tracks, the distance I've walked, the calories I've burned, the amount of time I've worked out and other things too.  It's an easy way for me to challenge myself at my own pace. I absolutely love it!
When I'm my kids are biking, I try to do laps with them. When my son is at soccer practice, I can walk around the field instead of just being a spectator. At home, I try to keep moving. Of course, there are still times I like to just sit back and chill out. But, I'm making a constant effort to put on my sneakers and burn calories. It truly is relaxing, energizing, empowering and fun!

How do you sneak in fitness into your busy schedule?  Tell me about it. : ) Want to connect on Endomondo? Send me a message.