It's Not Too Late To Put a Label On It!

Years ago, when my son went to daycare for the first time, it was really important to me to make sure he had everything he needed to be comfortable, including: extra clothes, blankets, and his bottles. I wanted to make sure all of his things were clearly recognizable and I labeled everything!

I ordered dishwasher & washing machine safe labels so that no one could confuse his belongings with any of the other babies in the nursery. Getting these labels was one of the best things I ever did because it gave me peace of mind that my son was getting his bottles and all of his favorite things while at daycare.  



Eight+ Years Later

Now, more than 8 years later, I continue to buy these labels for all of my sons' back-to-school stuff. Mabel's Labels, who kindly sent me some of their labels to review, makes hip labels that are extremely durable. They have labels that are dishwasher/laundry safe and customizable to your needs. They are perfect for all of my kids' outerwear and pricey sports equipment too!

How I Use Mabel's Labels

My tip: Get your last name and phone number on our labels, so that anyone can track you down to return a lost item. During the change of seasons, you never know if your kids are going to keep their light jackets or sweatshirts on during recess. But, if you have your name and phone number listed right on your label, there's a pretty good chance a lost item won't end up in lost and found. I also stick a label on my cell phone too.  Better safe than sorry, right?

If you haven't heard of Mabel's Labels, they are a leading provider of personalized labels for kids and adults. Their custom labels include sticky labels for clothing, personalized stickers for tweens, school labels, name labels, iron-on clothing labels/name tags, book plates, label stickers/adhesive labels for the home, and children’s labels for look-alike items sent to school, daycare or camp.

Check out their awesome selection of labels at!