10 FREE Elf on the Shelf Printable Poems

My kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Elf on the shelf, but, I've been a bit of a 'elf slacker' in the past. This year I want to be prepared, so I decided to create printable poems (notes from our elf on the shelf).  These notes are for those days when our elf *forgets* to move.

You know what I'm talking about, right?  

There are too many days where either my husband or I are running to the elf and quickly put him in a creative pose. That's exactly why I created these elf notes!  I'm going to print off the notes and have them ready for those crazy mornings. This way, I can just move the elf, pop the note in his little lap and be done with it.  Easy Peasy.

Some of the notes are just for fun, while others aim to inspire my kids with the spirit of Christmas. Here are a few of the Elf on the Shelf Poems I created, but you can download all 10 of them with the links at the bottom of this post.  

I know you're not supposed to touch the elf, but reading to it should be just fine.

There is a spot on top of each note so you can put your kid's name(s) and a bit of room below the message, so your elf can sign his name.

If the elf can help keep my house clean, I'm all for it!

To Print all 10 Poems from your Elf on the Shelf, just click a link below:

Elf on the Shelf Poems {PDF Version}

Elf on the Shelf Poems {Word Doc Version}

Hopefully, this will help some other busy parents who need a quick fix for a lazy elf!  

Note: When you download the files, there won't be any logo or web address on the actual Elf Notes, because that would give away your little secret. 


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