5 Ways to Celebrate the Queen's Jubilee With Your Kids


Can you imagine having the same job for 60 years?  The Queen of England knows exactly how that feels as she celebrates 60 years as Monarch. Not only do my friends in England get a long weekend & extra time off from work (so jealous!) but there are many celebrations taking place as well.  Even if you're not in England, there are some fun ways to get your kids involved in the celebration.

1) Send a Message to the Queen.  Let your child type it out themselves, or let your preschoolers dictate their message to you and watch you send it to the Queen. Click here to email the Queen of England.

2) Try a new British recipe with your kids like this recipe for Scotch Eggs from the upcoming Disney Movie Brave which will be in theatres on June 22nd. Click here for the full size pritable recipe card.