Super Cute Snowman Footprint Craft

My favorite crafts from my kids are the ones that involve something personal.  Whether it's their name, a photo, or their little handprint.  These are the types of crafts I love the most!

We have Christmas ornaments for each of my kids with their baby handprints, and even the kids admire them every year to see how much their little hands have grown.  They can't believe that their hands were that tiny once.

I saw a footprint snowman over at Crafty Crafted, and thought it was so original!  Handprint craft are common, but a footprint craft is really unique.  Plus, it's a simple project that's parent and kid-friendly.  Mom or Dad can get the materials ready and then have their little one place the snowman's accesories on him with dots of glue.  

* This would make a really special Christmas card for someone your child loves *

* You could make an ornament from your baby or toddler's footprint snowman *

* Get your entire household in on the fun, and make a family of footprint snowmen*

Here's my son's foot print snow man.  I love he way it turned out!