Easy Craft to Make for Thanksgiving

Everyone has made paper snowflakes, right?  But, have you ever made a snowflake turkey? 

This is an EASY Thanksgiving activity that my kids loved to make.  And, all you have to do is grab a few recycled materials from around the house for this simple Snowflake Turkey!

First, take a brown paper bag and cut it into a circle or oval...

Fold it two or three times and start cutting your snowflake...

Then, open it up, and you'll have your turkey body...

Next, you'll cut a little turkey body out of brown paper & decorate it any way you want.

You don't need any special decorations. You can cut colored photos from magazines if you don't have orange or red construction paper.  Or the kids can just draw the details with crayons or markers.


Gobble, Gobble. Isn't he adorable?

While you're doing the craft, you can teach your kids about recycling and give thanks for all of the resources the Earth provides.