Mosaic Rainbows ~ Easy Preschool Craft

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There is something so magical about rainbows.  No matter if you're 3 years old or 83 years old, a rainbow is always a beautiful sight.

Here's how to make easy mosaic rainbows with your kids:

You will need a large sheet of white paper, a magic marker or crayon, a glue stick, and some colored construction paper.  You can either rip up the construction paper or cut it into little squares.  This is something the kids can help with depending on their age, since cutting things with scissors helps them develop their fine motor skills.

Then, take your large sheet of white paper and draw the outline of the rainbow.  You will need six curved rows for the different colors of the rainbow. Add some clouds underneath your rainbow.

Then, show the kids how to place their squares in each of the rows to create the colors of the rainbow.

I helped my son by showing him where each color went on the rainbow, and then he carefully place his squares on a dot of glue.  I loved using the glue stick vs. white glue, because my 3-year old tends to over-glue everything.  So, this was pretty mess-free. We made our rainbow while celebrating St. Patrick's Day with our friends, but, this craft would be perfect for any time of year!