Fireflies: Fun for Kids, Facts and Lyrics

Some children's activities are timeless. 

Do you remember running around the yard with your hands in the air trying to catch a glowing fire fly?  As a child, I know I spent many nights doing this, and, now, it's my children's turn to become captivated by the green glow of fireflies. 

Even as an adult, there is something so enchanting about being outside at dusk and watching the air start to glow.  Fireflies seem so magical. 

If you live in an area with fireflies, get outside with your kids and experience their magic this summer!  While you're playing, you can teach your children about fireflies with some fun facts.

Here are Five Facts about Fireflies (a.k.a. Lightening bugs) from Wikipedia:

1) Fireflies are actually winged beetles.

2) Their larvae emit light and are often called "glowworms."

3) Fireflies hibernate over winter during the larval stage.  Some even hibernate for several years by burrowing underground.

4) Light production in fireflies is due to a type of chemical reaction called bioluminescence

5) Why do fireflies glow?  Research shows that it is a warning signal to predators, since many firefly larvae contain chemicals that are distasteful or toxic.  It is also a way to attract a mate.

I was also surprised to read on that firefly populations are actually dwindling.  To learn how to help, read more here.

 Lyrics to the song, Fireflies, by Owl City...