Easy Lobster Hand Print Craft

I have a weakness for hand print & foot print crafts.  Something about seeing my son's little hands or feet transform into a cute little craft just melts my heart.  So, when I saw this lobster hand & foot print craft on the Little Running Teacher Blog, I was so excited to try it out with my boys.

We did this craft outside, to eliminate some of the mess.  As cute as their little foot prints are, nobody wants little red foot prints all over the house. 

Here's what you need for this craft: Bright Red paint, Paint brush, a big piece of white paper or the lid of a white gift box.  I didn't have any paper big enough for my kids hands/feet, so using a flat white gift box was perfect.  We also used googly eyes and drew a mouth to make it more fun!

Here is how to make this craft:

Here's the finished product:

I love this little lobster.  What do you think?