Easy Craft: How to make a Fairy House

Having two boys means that I rarely get to do girly crafts around my house.  But, a friend of mine showed me this craft that her little girl completed at our local library and I wanted to share it with you.

 Here's what to do:

1)  Just take a paper cup and cut out a door for the fairy to enter.

2) create a floor on the Fair House with a peice of paper and tape it to the cup

3) Cover the cup with pieces of tissue paper, flowers, moss and any other decorations you like.

4) place a colorful cupcake liner upside down on the top of the cup.

5) Finish it off with a pretty bead and a string so that you can hang it.

 I thougt this was such a great idea. I've seen different ideas for fairy houses and fairy gardens that I loved.  But, this is the first one that I've even seen that was perfect for a simple, inexpensive, take-home craft.

Have a fairy wonderful day! : )