15 Water Fun Activities for Preschoolers

We've been getting lots of rain lately, but I know we're not through with a few more sweltering hot summer days.  Sometimes, it's fun to take a break from the pool or sprinkler and try something different. Here are 10 Water Fun Activities that will cool you and the kids off on a hot summer day.

1. Ice Art 

2. Splash Golf

3. Bath Tub Fishing

4. Painting on Slide with Frozen Paints

5. Homemade Recycled Watering Cans for Kids

6. Create a River in your Yard

7. Water Balloon Game Ideas

8. Rain Art

9. Free Frozen Fun

10. Frozen Herbal Bath (just as fun for Mom as it is for the Kids)

11. Experiment with Floating and Sinking

12. Have fun with Bubbles

13. Use Hot Wheels and have a mini Car wash

14. Give the kids big paintbrushes and let thempaint with water

15. Give those stuffed animals an outdoor Bubble Bath (this is one of my kids' favorites.)

(For the first 10 ideas, just click on the title for more details.  The last 5 are so simple they don't really need an explanation)

Splish, Splash and Enjoy!