How to Dye Noodles with Food Coloring

I don't think you can get through the preschool years without your kids bringing home something made of noodles. Although, I've been the recipient of lovely noodle gifts in the past, I've never actually made colored noodles until last week.

When it was time for my son to celebrate the 100th day of school I was a little nervous at what he would want his 100 things to be. I was so happy when he told me noodles. They're easy to work with, inexpensive and always in my pantry. So, after showing him the different types of noodles that we had, he chose just one type, and requested that they should be all different colors. Easy, peasy!

Here's how to make colored noodles:

  • First, take 1 cap full of rubbing alcohol and about 5 drops of food coloring and put it in a sandwich bag.
  • Then, add about 10 peices of Ziti.
  • Smoosh it all around until the pasta is uniformly colored. Use a different bag for each color unless you are mixing the colors on purpose.
  • Put a paper towel on a large plate or baking sheet. Then lay your noodles on a the paper towels until dry.

These are so easy to make, and I'm convinced that smaller batches make better colors. That's why I recommend doing 10 at a time, because it really worked well. The only color we had trouble making was purple. No matter how hard we tried, they would always come out black. Do you have a tip for making purple noodles using red and blue food coloring?