bird feeder

Easy Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

We've been spending lots of time outside lately, and it's the perfect season for messy outdoor crafts. In the winter, I always make those pine cone bird feeders with my kids.  But, it's not really pine cone season, so we decided to use popcorn cakes instead.  They are just as easy and the birds love them!

To make our bird feeders, we used: Popcorn cakes, bacon fat, peanut butter, bird food food coloring & string.


First, we used a pencil to poke a hole in the popcorn cake so that we could attach our string. You can use plain bird seed, but we decided to color our with food coloring to make it a little prettier (you can see the evidence all over my little guy's hands.)

My kids smeared a mixture of cold bacon fat and peanut butter onto the popcorn cake.  I know using bacon fat might seem a little gross, but the birds love this stuff.  Then, we covered the popcorn cakes with the bird food.

Voila!  You have a colorful treat for the birds!


You will get messy, so this is definitely one of those activities you want to do outside.  Once the bird feeder is complete, make sure you hang it somewhere that you'll be able to watch the birds come and feast on their new treat.  Seeing new backyard friends is my kids' favorite part!