Jiggly New Snack ~ Mixchief Jello Review


Honestly, I've never really been a gelatin-kind-of-girl. But, when I saw this Michief JELL-O in the supermarket, I thought it was pretty cool for 3 reasons:

1) This box screamed "BUY ME! I'M FUN!"  It has a wacky little character on there.  The box is the color of neon green slime and my kids got really excited about it. Usually they're trying to throw potato chips in the shopping cart, so this was a much healthier alternative.

2) You make Mixchief JELL-O by adding your own juice. This means that their are no gross artificial colors in there that I need to worry about.  I always try to eliminate artificial colors and flavors from my kid's snacks.  And, this allows me to use the juice of my choice - 100% juice with no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors and I can even use organic.

3) With Mixcheif JELL-O the possibilities are endless. When you buy cherry jello or lime JELL-O, that's what you get.  But, you could buy 3 boxes of Mixchief JELL-O and create 3 completely different flavors. I love experimenting with new recipes, so this perfect for creative cooks like me.

We used our favorite fruit juice to make our Mixchief JELL-O. The kids were so excited to help stir it up, and, then, they kept checking the refrigerator to see if our JELL-O was ready yet. When it was nice and jiggly, we got to test it out.  It tasted exactly like the juice we made. Yum! We can't wait to experiment with our next box of Mixchief JELL-O and come up with another jiggly snack!

This post isn't sponsored in any way.  These are my honest opinions.