DivaCup Review & Giveaway! ***CLOSED***

Note: This is a post for the Ladies - so, if you're a guy stumbling upon this, you'll probably want to skip to another post.

Why don't more women know about the DivaCup Seriously... Have you heard about the DivaCup yet?  If you already love the DivaCup be sure to tell your friends about this giveaway.  But, if you're still wondering what the heck I'm talking about, keep reading, please!

I was hesitant at first, but after using the DivaCup a few times, I became an instant fan.  It's amazing to go to the beach, the pool, or an all day festival and not have to worry about my period for up to 12 hours.  I can go out for the day and not carry any tampons or pads around.  When it's inserted correctly, it really can be so comfortable that you forget it's there.

Here's some information from DivaCup.com:

What is the DivaCup? The DivaCup is a non-absorbent menstrual cup that simply collects menstrual flow.  It is worn internally, yet because it is soft and smooth, it cannot be felt nor will it leak when inserted properly. The DivaCup is the most clean and convenient method of feminine hygiene protection. The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying, washing and reinserting for use for another 12 hours. It can be used for light or moderate flows and is emptied more often to accommodate heavy flows.  Perfect for overnight use.

Is the DivaCup sanitary?  Yes, when used as directed, The DivaCup is more sanitary than tampons or pads.  The DivaCup is made from top quality, healthcare grade silicone, which is 100% latex-free, plastic-free, BPA-free and odorless. 

It's economical and better for the environment!  The cost of a DivaCup is a a fraction of what you would typically spend on pad and tampons in a year.  I am sure you can find better things to buy with your money instead of more pads and tampons. Plus, using the DivaCup saves a lot of waste from our landfills & that's something we can all smile about!

The only thing that really bothers me about the DivaCup is that I only found out about it a year ago.  I was lucky that my sister told me about the DivaCup then, but, I really wish I would've known about it sooner.  This is definitely a product that more women need to know about.  That is why I am so happy to be spreading the word and hosting this giveaway!


Buy a Diva Cup through DivaCup's Store Locator or purchase from lunapads.com or drugstore.com


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