Melt that Muffintop Monday: Free Excercise at Home

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It's heating up around here, and I've already enjoyed a few days at the pool and beach with my family.  But... I'm not so excited to be flaunting my not-so-perfect body in a bathing suit.  Youtube to the rescue!  Did you know Youtube can help you shape up?

I've been to many Zumba® classes in the past, and I loved it.  I found a couple of experienced, easy to follow instructors, who knew how to make it fun.  I was also going to classes with friends which always made it a blast.  But, the gym closed down and, since then, I've been in a rut. Finally, my sister told me about this amazing dance aerobic instructor, Larissa, who post her routines on Youtube. 

I almost like working out with YouTube better because I can do it at home whenever I want.  If my boys want to play in the back yard, I can even bring my laptop outside since my neighbors aren't too close.  I don't have to waste time/gas driving to the gym. And, sometimes, my 3 year old even tries to excercise with me (as long as he's not trying to hang off my leg, we're usually okay.) 

I've made a playlist of really fun work outs that I plan on doing throughout the summer. Just hit 'play' and the routines run continuously. I always make the video full screen, so it's easy to see & follow.  In total, the videos add up to 46 minutes which is almost as long as the full classes that I was going to.

The best part is: it doesn't matter if I can dance like Beyonce or have as much rhythm as Big Bird. When I'm exercising in my own house, I can dance as crazy as I want, because nobody is watching!  

Let me know if you try it.  I'd love to know what you think.

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