Celebrity Sighting: Bradley Cooper in Ridley Park, PA

To be honest... tonight's post was almost going to be about Cauliflower. I know it sounds lame, and it probably would have been.  But, I was having writer's block and you really came *this* close to reading about my family's love of that chunky white vegetable.

Luckily for everyone (myself included), I'm writing about Bradley Cooper instead. 

I think most people have seen the movie, The Hangover. And, He's Just Not That Into you was pretty popular too. But, if you don't know who Bradley Cooper is, you can check him out here.

Apparently, Pennsylvania is doing a pretty good job of attracting movie production companies to film here.  And, most recently, a town only very close to where I live is currently hosting the cast and crew for an upcoming movie called “The Silver Lining Playbook.” This movie stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro

I've haven't had a chance to stop by and catch a glimpse of the filming yet, but one of my friends has been keeping everyone in the loop and posting photos on Facebook.  Here are a few:

A lot of people in this area are excited to have a movie being made in our own backyard.  What would you do if you saw a celebrity in your neighborhood?  Would you be a mini-stalker or could you care less?