Do you still have a little elf lurking around your house?

Are you all elfed out yet? 

Our elf is lovingly named "Joey Snowy." My 3 year old tried so hard to follow the elf rules, but he couldn't keep his little hands off of Joey.

I've heard a lot of stories about mischievous little elves who kept very busy over the past few weeks. But, ours was pretty low key. Joey Snowy didn't leave orange peels or cheerios all over the table. He didn't throw any wild parties in our living room. It sounds like fun, but my kids give me more than enough to clean up without adding elf mischief to the mix. Sorry guys.

But, Joey was treated to a a few big adventures including a trip to Trader Joe's and Total Wine.  What elf wouldn't want to go to America's Wine Superstore? Both times he went out, my son kept him hidden in a Christmas box, so he didn't spoil the elf magic for other kids. Joey even slept next to my son several nights before Christmas

But, our little elf hasn't left yet.  My son loves him so much it was hard to make him fly away at Christmas. So, our little rebel elf is changing the rules and will fly away on New Year's Eve instead.

Rules are made to be broken, right?  Did your elf fly away yet?