A Poem about Shopping with Two Preschoolers

Dear Kids:

I know you don't like shopping, but Mommy needs shampoo and new pants.

You'd rather be home watching Dora, and I'd rather be in a bubble bath.

Sometimes you cry and whine.  There are moments that Mommy wants to do the same.

My goal is to look cool, calm & collected, but you're driving me insane.

I turn away for a second, and you're licking the water fountain.

In the big picture, I know it's a mole-hill, so I try not to make it a mountain.

Then, we're in the public restroom.  You touch everything and put your hands in your mouth.

Really?  That seems like a good idea? This little shopping trip is quickly going South.

Come on!  It's just a walk around the mall. Stop laying on the floor and playing dead.

It will only last another 15 minutes and my patience is hanging from a thread.

I think we've all had had enough.  It's definitely time to go.

Let's walk as fast as we can to the exit, and hope we don't see anyone we know.


Your Mommy

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