Fun Kid Food: Jumbo Marshmallows, BIG Cheez-Its, and Goldfish Bread

One day, there was someone who thought "Let's make it BIG and Moms everywhere will buy it!" 

Don't change the recipe. Don't change the color. Don't change the packaging.  Just make it BIG!

And, they were right. I got suckered in. 

My kids have always loved Cheez-Its, and they are even better when they're 120% bigger.  You don't need to eat 120% more.  But, these might make your belly 120% happier!

And, after you're done snacking on your BIG Cheez-Its, you might want a super-sized JUMBO Jet Puffed Marshmallow for dessert.  You only need one because they are ridiculously huge.

Goldfish get better when they're big too.  There is something special about an oversized smiling fish-shaped sandwich.  Seriously... isn't this Goldfish Sandwich Bread too cute?

What do you think... Is bigger better? Have you seen any other over-sized snacks?