Parenthood: Thanks for that AWESOME Advice!

Written by: Guest contributor, Rebecca, from Stork Support

“Congratulations on your baby!” “Don’t use a pacifier; don’t hold him too much or you’ll spoil him; just let him cry it out; don’t let him cry it out; he looks really hungry; make sure you sleep when he sleeps; only put soft soled shoes on your baby; only put hard soled shoes on your baby; don’t put any shoes on your baby.”

“Wow…what great advice,” I say, and I think, “now what do I do?”
So what do we do when we get all this unwanted or unsolicited advice from our parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, in-laws, friends and even strangers? We may nod our heads and say “thank you,” we may snap back at them, we may do what they suggest, all the while wondering if we are REALLY doing what is best for our baby.

Granted, it is great to receive tips from those who have been there, but that doesn’t mean that we need to implement those suggestions in our lives. Every baby is different, as is every family; so what works for one family does not mean it will necessarily work for another. We need to remember that new parents still have functioning brains (although I question the functionality of my own brain at times), and usually know their baby’s personalities and needs better than those offering bits of great advice.

For all you new parents out there, remember to trust your instincts, and do what feels right.

Wait… did I just give you some unsolicited advice?

From the Stork’s Nest,

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