How to Cut Down on Junk Mail & Plant A Tree

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday, so I didn't get to do anything very 'earthy' for Earth Day. But, reducing, reusing and recycling is really important to me. One of my pet peeves is seeing catalogs in my mailbox that I don't want or need. I've pretty much stopped the catalogs from being delivered by calling the publishers and removing our address from the mailing lists. But, there are a few other things we can do to help cut down on junk mail.

If you have an iPad, take a minute to download the Catalog Spree app here and plant a tree! Catalog Spree is an eco-friendly app for catalog shopping via your iPad. They've partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every download of Catalog Spree during the month of April.  Isn't that cool?

Whether you have an iPad or not, here are 3 more ways to cut down your junk mail:

1) Go to to "Opt-In" or “Opt-Out” of credit & insurance offers that are often mailed to your house. This is a centralized service to accept and process requests from consumers.

2) Call your credit card companies and ask to be removed from their internal marketing lists.

3) Go to to tell the Direct Marketing Association which mail you prefer not to receive. I've read that they are responsible for a very large majority of all direct mail advertising sent in the U.S. For any mail that isn't sent by the DMA, you can always write to companies that send you junk mail via the enclosed prepaid envelopes that often come with this type of mail.

Did you do anything fun for earth day?  Do you have any other tips for cutting down on junk mail?