21 Days of Gratitude for Families

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Are you grateful? 

Let's be honest.  There are some wacky people in this world.  There's no way to completely avoid negativity, but, that makes me even more grateful for the kind and loving people in my life. 

I'm very grateful for my family who continually show unconditional love. There is something very warm and reassuring knowing that they are there for me.

I'm grateful for my friends who just 'get it'. We have similar expectations for our children and when we get together, everything just falls into place. When it comes to parenting, we're on the same page and that makes our time together so special.  

I value the teachers who I entrust to take care of and educate my kids.

I appreciate the people I work with. They are a big reason that I love what I do.

Those are some of the people that I am grateful for and, personally, I'm ready for the excessive amount of Thanks leading up to Thanksgiving. These relationships are truly priceless to me and saying "thank you" is important.

I've seen some snarky comments about the over abundance of 'thanks' during November, and I feel sorry for anyone who feels like that. Life can get complicated. Let's celebrate what we're thankful for year round and if it gets a little excessive in November, so be it!

This month, I'm working on a project with some other bloggers called 21 Days of Gratitude and I want you to join us. Each day a blogger will share something special. Maybe a quote, an activity, or their thoughts that will help us cultivate a heart of gratitude with our families.

These are the wonderful moms joining in the 21 Days of Gratitude project: 

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The schedule is here and all of the info for you to join in.