Close to the Heart: Kid's Art

Yesterday afternoon, my son decided he wanted to paint. I've always loved art and it makes me so happy to know that my 4-year-old shares this passion of mine. He definitely has that spark that lights up when he is being creative, and I have to admit, it's comforting to have someone else in the house who shares this spark with me.

I helped him open the water-color paints and left him alone to paint at the kitchen table. I knew he was going to make a mess. I even opened up the glitter for him, which guaranteed a good mess. But, that didn't matter. I wanted him to enjoy himself and let his creative juices flow.  

When he was done painting, he came to me and was excited to show me what he had done. It was gorgeous!

Of course, I am biased because he's mine. But, there was something about his painting that totally touched my heart. He painted the ocean, the sand and a big yellow sun. Then, there was a splash of blue glitter in the ocean.

He has colored and painted more pieces of art than I can count, but, so far, this is my favorite. 

There's something so special about seeing the world through a child's eyes. I can't wait to see what he creates the next time he pulls out those water-colors.