Do You Know About TeachHUB Education News & Resources?

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Having children can make you think about many things in a whole new light, and, for me, education is definitely one of them. Even though education has always been a big part of my life, as my kids get older, I have become fascinated by how my kids learn and what it takes to advance them to the next level.

Education & Curiosity

According to the teachers at, success in education starts with curiosity and curiosity starts at home. Both of my kids are very curious (as most kids are) and they also have very unique styles of learning. One will sit down and do work-sheets for fun, while the other prefers hands on experiences, thinking about those experiences and then asking a million questions. (Well, maybe not a million, but it sure does feel like it!)

Free Educational Resources

As parents, we can use local resources, such as the library, to encourage our kids to explore a topic they're interested in learn more about. My kids are naturally curious about sports, nature and space, so we can sit down at a library, read together about those topics and talk about what we've learned. Whether it's National Library Week or not, the library is always a great resource.

Another great resource that I just learned about is It is a free resource for teachers and parents who want the latest in education news and technology. Whether your a seasoned teacher with years of experience or a mom who wants to keep her child engaged with education over the summer, their is something for everyone on this site.  

Since my son loves baseball, I know he is going to like the writing prompt about the new Babe Ruth movie on TeachHUB.  It makes it so easy for me to continue his education at home over summer break, because the TeachHUB resources are easy to use, and they are constantly updated so that the topics are current and fresh.

I'm also going to get the latest articles by subscribing to their Facebook page and following them on Twitter. This way, it will be a gentle reminder to visit for the most recent information regarding education news and technology.  I really want to keep my kids learning throughout the summer and this site will encourage me to stick with it.

It's All About The Kids

In honor of National Library Week, and Clever Girls Collective, surveyed over 1,000 K-5 graders about school, their favorite books and the role technology plays in their education. Are you curious to see the results? Take a look at the infographic below for the details!



Did you learn a thing or two from that infographic? I did and I'm curious to see what my kids will say when I ask them the same questions.


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