Easy Raspberry Bar Recipe You Can Make With Your Kids

Keep the flour and sugar in your cupboard for this recipe. You only need 4  ingredients to make these easy raspberry bars, and you may already have them sitting in your pantry!  I'm typically a chocolate lover, so for me to rave about Raspberry Bars says a lot about how amazing this recipe is!  Not only is it a delicious recipe, but it's also one of the easiest things I've ever made in my life. 

Here's the Raspberry Bar Recipe:

1 Box of Yellow Cake Mix

2 Cups of Quick-Cooking Oats

3/4 Cup of Melted Butter

1 (12 oz.) Jar of Raspberry Jam

Here's how to make them:

Heat your oven to 375 degrees. Combine cake mix and 1 1/2 cups of oats and mix it up thoroughly. Add all of the melted butter. Put about 3 cups of this mixture in a 9x13 pan, then press firmly until the bottom of the pan is completely covered.

Next, just spread all of the jam evenly over the mixture. Crumble the remaining crumb mixture on top and then pat it down.  Finally, take your remaining 1/2 cups of oats, and evenly sprinkle them over the top.  Lightly press it down.

Bake for 25 minutes. Be sure to let it cool completely before cutting it into bars, otherwise they won't maintain their shape.

These Raspberry bars are so simple to make, that it's the perfect type if recipe for the kids to help out with.  They can mix up the cake mix, oats and butter. Spread the jam. Sprinkle the oats. There's really not much that they can't help with while making these.

Sometimes, it's those semi-homemade recipes that turn out to be the best. 

Let me know if you make these.  I'd love to know if you're family enjoyed them as much as mine did.