Easy Ways to Welcome Spring With Kids

Most of today was wet and dreary so I'm doing a happy, spring-themed post to lift my spirits. To my family, spring brings lots of sports and outside activities. Chatting with friends beside the soccer field. Cheering on the kids as they hit a ball past second base. Chasing the kids around the neighborhood as they run from one activity to another. Enjoying walks with friends.

I have 5 easy ways to welcome spring and I want to share them with you.

1. Make egg carton caterpillars that turn into butterflies.

2. My 5-year old loves getting messy, and these easy bird feeder crafts for kids are our favorites.

3. Welcome spring with a bird's nest inspired breakfast.

4. Go on a nature walk and look for signs of spring with the kids.

5. Make some Recycled Flower Crafts 

What is your favorite way to welcome spring? What are you looking forward to the most?