Fun in the Kitchen with Baker's Passport!

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Cooking, Culture and Cookies. Baker's Passport has it all!

Meg, from Baker's Passport, and I, have something in common.  Just like me, she believes that "traveling and experiencing new cultures can open up worlds of imagination, especially in a child."  That's one of the reasons she created Baker's Passport. Baker's passports gives children a chance to work in the kitchen, follow instructions, bake treats, and learn numbers, words, and phrases in new languages.

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, my son and I decided to use our passport to travel to Japan.  It was the perfect indoor activity combining three of my favorite things: spending quality time with my son, cooking, and learning something new!

Baker's Passport currently has 3 different options: French, Spanish and Japanese. Since I studied Spanish for years, I thought the Spanish passport would be the most fun, but my 8-year-old son had a different plan. Without hesitation, he told me that he wanted to do the Japanese passport. 

Off to Japan we went!


I printed off the Japanese Baker's Passport and had my son look it over while he was eating lunch. As he was looking it over, I gathered up some of the ingredients for our cookies. I really liked the fact that the recipe used common ingredients that are staples in most households. Sometimes, it's just nice to stay home on a Sunday and I was happy that I didn't need to run to the store to buy anything for this recipe.


I helped my son with the recipe, but he did most of the measuring, mixing and scooping all by himself. While we were making the cookies, we found out how to count to ten in Japanese, the names of colors in Japanese and some Japanese words for some common kitchen items.

My son was excited to see the cookie dough taking shape. At one point, I caught him with his nose up to the bowl.  "This smells so good!" he said.  He was even asking to make a second batch before we had even finished baking our first.

The Baker's Passport gave us an opportunity to have very special time in the kitchen together while learning about Japan. Although I try to get my kids in the kitchen often, this experience was one-of-a-kind, and it was really nice.


Baker's Passport will donate $1 for each purchase to Action Against Hunger, a global humanitarian organization working to end world hunger. What a great cause!

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