Getting Kids to Help & Other Projects To Do With Your Kids

This summer, one of my goals is to make my kids more independent and helpful around the house. They are both at good ages where they can: help in the kitchen, help to keep the house clean, and help to keep things organized. But, as a lot of moms can relate, just because they know how to do these things, doesn't mean it's easy to get them to actually do it.  

I think that's the reason why last week's #1 most popular post in the Kid's Co-op was called "Simple and Easier Ideas for Building Toddler Self Help Skills."  I know a lot of parenting experts advise never to do things for your child that they know how to do for themselves. However, as we're rushing out the door, working to get dinner on the table or trying to get the kids in bed, sometimes it's just easier to do things for the kids instead of allowing them do it themselves.  This summer, I'm going to dig a little deeper into chore charts and building independence for my kids.  What are your goals this summer?