Gifts for Kids: CuddleUppets Review

I can't tell you how many times I've stood around in the store gazing at the toys and wondering what to buy for a kid's birthday present. There is just so much STUFF! A lot of parents will even tell you "my kids have too much already, they don't need any more toys." So, it's pretty refreshing to see a new kid's product that is functions as both a practical blanket and a fun toy at the same time.

If you've never heard of Cuddle Uppets, they are a fun cross between a blanket and a puppet! Your kids can play with them during the day and sleep with them at night.

CuddleUppets first caught my eye thanks to their super catchy jingle that's always on t.v. Of course, my were both begging for one. So, when I finally got one for each of my kids, I knew they would be excited.

The thing that really surprised me about CuddleUppets was the quality. They colors are rich and they are incredibly soft. My son had his on a recent car trip and I even borrowed it from him when he wasn't using it.  It is a really nice, thick blanket, but it's not too big, so it's perfect for the car. Plus, kids can use the animal head as a little pillow.

If you're looking for a gift that is more than just another toy, this is a great option. Perfect for the kids who have everything!

Disclosure: I received a CuddleUppet so that I could conduct this review.