How to Make a Leprechaun Trap

I love how children believe they can do anything they set their minds to.  Their imaginations run wild as they explore.  An empty brown box can become a race car.  A plastic fireman helmet can instantly turn a boy into a firefighter. And, an area rug can become a stage for America's best little dancer.  No matter how many temper tantrums you deal with during the day it's moments like these that make it all worth it. 

For me, it's one of the best parts of parenthood, because my kids love letting me into their imaginary worlds.  One day I am the drummer in the marching band.  The next day, I am helping them build a Leprechaun Trap. 

Did you know you could catch a leprechaun?  I didn't, but thanks to my kids and their friend I became a believer.  You just dig a small whole in your yard.  Then, carefully find the most perfect sticks and cover it up so the Leprechaun can't see it.  You might even want to sprinkle some gold glitter around your trap to temp the leprechaun.  Here is ours:

For me, this is what being a parent is all about. 

Not just watching my kids grow and explore, but doing it with them...

even if the chances of catching a Leprechaun are pretty darn slim.

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