Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids

Whenever my kids use paint for a craft, I never know what do do with the leftover paint that is still on their plate. Sometimes, I cover it up and stick it in the fridge. Other times, I try to put it into a sealed container, and then there are times when there's such a small amount left that it gets tossed into the trash. I recently found a new idea to use up the leftover paint: a Paper Plate Fish Craft!


Just grab a thin paper plate and have the kids use the left over paint to make a design.

Once the paint is dry, cut out a long triangle from the side of he plate.

Then, cut little fringes on the triangle to look like wavy fins.  You can attach it to the back of the plate using tape or glue.

Then, just pop on a googly eye and you're done!  You've got a tropical paper plate fish!  Seriously, this has got to be one of the easiest summer crafts for camp, preschool or a birthday party. These paper plates are thin, so they don't need much paint, and they dry pretty fast too.

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