Personalized Gifts with Bright Star Kids {Plus a 15% Discount Code}

"No more toys!"

Even if you've never said this before, you probably know someone who insists that their child does not need one more toy in the house. Maybe they're tight on space, or, maybe they have too many "things."

With my kid's birthdays and the holidays coming around, I truly understand this feeling.  As children get older, you realize how much stuff you've accumulated over the years, and buying presents can sometimes feel like a chore. However, when you find a truly personalized gift, like a special t-shirt or onsie from Bright Star Kids, giving that gift can be really special.

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In my opinion, the best gifts really speak to the person you're giving them too. Anytime my children have received custom gifts with their names on them, I have always been blown away. First of all, it tells me that the gift giver really put a lot of effort into the gift and wanted to get something very unique. Also, it's something that we never would have been able to buy in a local store. When a friend of mine gave my son a personalized t-shirt for his birthday, it instantly became a favorite. Time has passed and he has grown out of that t-shirt, but I decided to hold onto it as a memento since it has his name on it.   

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How do you add special personalized touches to your gifts?  Here are a few ideas:

1) Put their name on it - For some reason, adding my children's name to a bib, blanket or tote instantly makes it better. 

2) Include their interests - Does your child's friend love baseball?  Include his love of baseball in your gift. 

3) Practical gifts can be good too - For the child who doesn't need any more toys, think outside the box. There are plenty of gifts that are fun and practical too, like school bags, or personalized wall art or a custom t-shirt.  

The more personal the gift, the better. Bright Star Kids has a really nice assortment of gifts. They have everything from trucks, to owls, to cupcakes - so there is something for just about everyone!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.