Pinterest Fails At Their Best!

There have been more than a few times I've heard moms talking about how they love Pinterest and reading blogs, but it can make them feel inadequate. Everything tends to look so unique, creative and perfect. Then, on the other side of fence, the are countless bloggers appear to have it all together, but still don't feel like they're good enough. They want more Pinterest followers, more Facebook engagement, and more readers on their blog. A big part of me doesn't really care at all, but it's totally human to strive to acheive more, right?

No matter what you see on Facebook, Pinterest or blogs, you know that moms everywhere, myself included, screw up on a regular basis. Note the DIY Wasp Catcher that I made via Pinterest. I didn't bother blogging about it because it was a total fail! It didn't catch anything, but, looking back, it was fun to make. And, entertained my family as we waited by the kitchen window hoping it would work.

I guess I'm not the only woman who is totally amused by Pinterest fails. There's a website I just found called Pinstrosity and it is definitely worth checking out. It highlights the best of the best Pinterest fails in a way that will having you laughing out loud and glad that you weren't the one that had to learn the hard way.

Have you ever made something that looked so cool on Pinterest and turned out to be a complete DIY nightmare?