Recycled Robot Preschool Craft Using Cereal Boxes

It always amazes me how much paper and plastic waste there is in modern packaging. Our many recycle bins are always overflowing and I'm pleasantly surprised when I see companies that make an effort to downsize their packages and reduce waste.  It's also nice to see more and more crafts for kids made with recycled products.

One thing we always have in our recycle bin is thin cardboard boxes and they seem to accumulate. My son came home from preschool one day with this really cute recycled robot craft. I have always been impressed with some of the art projects my son does at preschool.  This one is really easy and I love the results.

Craft Materials:

* Thin carboard boxes from cereal, pasta, snacks, etc.

* Hole Punch

* Brass Paper Fasteners (as shown here)

 * Google Eyes or Sticker Eyes

How to Make a Carboard Robot:

1) Cut the cardboard into various shapes and sizes.  Older children may be able to do this independently.

2) Have the kids use the hole puncher to put holes where they want the head, arms, legs, etc.

3) Use the fasteners to assemble your robot.

Isn't that a easy recycled craft for kids?

As you can see from my son's robot (shown left) he is a racing fan, so he chose some shapes with Nascar drivers. The more colorful the boxes, the better.  Each robot wil be 100% unique and it's a great way to recycle some old packaging.

Do you have any other ideas simple recycled crafts?