Shop Local: Neighborhood Toy Store Day 2013

I will be hitting some of the bigger stores for some of my kids Christmas presents, but I always make an effort to shop locally too, and I'd love for you to do the same.  This holiday season, please try to make purchases at locally-owned businesses like toy stores. Why?  It's simple.  More of your dollar stays in your community. According to the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA):

  • Dollars spent at locally-owned stores create a multiplier effect in the local economy.   For each dollar you spend at independent businesses in your community, three or more times as much typically goes back into the local economy compared to a dollar spent at retailer owned by a chain. 

  • More sales tax revenue is generated for your local jurisdiction if you shop locally rather than leaving your town or county for malls and big box stores. 

Here is some information about Neighborhood Toy Store Day:

Toy stores across America will be celebrating the joy of play during Neighborhood Toy Store Day on November 9, 2013. To kick off the holiday shopping season, ASTRA members across the country will host special events at their stores. 

These fun & FREE events will highlight local talent and bring neighbors together in the spirit of giving. The programs vary depending on location, but some include crafts, entertainers, scavenger hunts, and charitable donations. Their goal is to give customers a chance to see that specialty toy retailers are more than just stores, they are a central part of our community. 

To learn more and find a local store near you, continue reading about Neighborhood Toy Store Day.

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