Spring Allergies & Air Purifiers {Sponsored}

Allergies are not fun! My husband and I both get seasonal allergies and we're on a mission to make them as minimal as possible.  Of course, that's easier said than done.  This year, we began using local honey to try and reduce our allergies. I've read conflicting reports about whether or not it actually works, but we're giving it a shot anyway.  It's a sweet alternative to sugar and we're supporting a local business, so even if it doesn't work, I'm still on the up-and-up!

Another thing I've been considering is buying an air purifier for our home.  The last time I saw an Allergist, I remember her saying that it was important to keep the air in the bedroom clean because it can have a positive impact on allergies. Keeping a clean indoor environment in key! So when Best Buy asked me to tell you about the Air Purifiers that they sell, I thought it would be a good chance to check them out and learn more.

It was interesting learning all about Air Purifiers. They're all unique and there are price points to suit various budgets.  Many of them help reduce allergens, germs, odors and airborne particles.

Best Buy is currently offering a Friends/Family offer for Air Purification systems.  Just print the coupon below and take it to our best buy store by April 15th to save 20% on any Air Purification product (as specified on the coupon.)

Have you ever used an in-home air purifier?  Do you want to try one?


Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.