Homemade Valentine Ideas from 'Local Fun' Moms

For my husband and I, Valentine's Day used to be a night out to a special restaurant, definitely some chocolate and watching a good romantic comedy together.  But, now that we have two kids, it's usually a little bit different.  Valentine's day is all about love, and, it would not the same to celebrate without our little guys. 

Jersey Family Fun has a cute post called Be Your Kid's Valentine. I love this concept because it includes the entire family on this special day.  The post shares some wonderful ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's day with your children, such as: Breakfast in Bed, Valentine-themed meals, daytime family adventures, and bed-time stories about love. 

Kids on the Grand has two fun ideas for homemade Valentines.  The first one is a "Bubble Valentine"  which is a wonderful candy-free alternative.  Plus, it's great for kids of all ages.   Their other idea is an "Airplane Valentine" which is a unique little homemade candy airplane that the kids will love playing with. 

Mile High Mamas has a blog post with creative, science inspired Valentine ideas for kids. Their test tube Valentines are colorful and kid-approved.  They also feature a fun craft using Goldenrod paper which changes shades of red and yellow when the kids

swab them with different mixtures. 

Ultimately, you can make Valentine's Day as simple or elaborate as you choose. Just have fun and enjoy the day with the ones you love.

Photographer: Sura Nualpradid