Being Thankful

How to Teach Kids To Be Grateful

Many nights when I'm putting my kids to sleep, I ask them to tell me 3 things they are grateful for.  It's a moment to focus on our happy moments and the little things in life that really matter.  We don't remember to do this every night, but when we do, it's always very special. If my sons are ever reluctant to share, I'll go first and tell them what I'm grateful for, then, they usually quickly chime in with their own answers. It's such a nice way to end the day and it helps me recognize the things in their life that are really important to them.

There is actually quite a bit of research that shows the positive effects of this simple routine. Renee Jain, a certified coach of positive psychology, says "One of the most well-known practices uncovered from this research is known as the Three Blessings exercise.

Each night before going to bed you write down three good things (ordinary or extraordinary) that happened to you during the day. Studies reveal those who continue this exercise for one week straight can increase their happiness and decrease depressive symptoms for up to a six-month period." (source)

How do you teach your children to be grateful? 

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Do you do anything to practice gratitude with your children?