Halloween Safety Tips

Everyone knows Halloween night can be a lot of fun, but safety always comes first (especially when the roads are wet, snowy or icy.)

My #1 safety tip, is to be careful with those vampire teeth that kids often get for Halloween.  My son was trying them out one time and they moved back into his throat.  He started to choke.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life.  Luckily, my husband and I were both there and safely removed the vampire teeth. But, from that point forward, whenever my kids have received vampire teeth, I quickly snatch them away. It's too easy for children to have the vampire teeth slip in their mouth and choke. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some really helpful tips & reminders for a safe and happy Halloween:


  • Plan costumes that are bright and reflective. Make sure that shoes fit well and that costumes are short enough to prevent tripping, entanglement or contact with flame.
  • Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and Trick-or-Treat bags for greater visibility.
  • Because masks can limit or block eyesight, consider non-toxic makeup and decorative hats as safer alternatives. Hats should fit properly to prevent them from sliding over eyes.