DIY Thumb Print Note Cards From Kids

You know that person who seems to have everything?  Or, maybe you know someone who just doesn't want any more "stuff." These thumb print note cards are the perfect DIY gift for that person!

My sister is very thoughtful when buying people gifts and she needed a gift for someone who is really hard to shop for.  So, she came up the idea to make them a set of thumb print note cards as a special present from her son.

My sister worked with her son to create these custom note cards and I think they look amazing!  This is a cute gift that you can help your child make for someone special in their life.  You only need paint, blank note cards and a marker.



First, she bought a set of plain white note cards.  She also chose an acrylic paint set in bright colors. Then, she and her son created these note cards including little fish, a caterpillar and funny little monsters. How cute are these? 

You can use any thumbprint design you want.  When you have completed the set, just tie them up with a ribbon, and wrap them up for that special person. I really like this gift idea because it doesn't cost a lot of money, it's practical, creative and it's from the heart.

Do you have any easy ideas for homemade gifts from kids?

The Sweet Smell of Lemon Play Dough


There is something I love about lemon.

Everything about lemon is nice.  The color, the smell, the way it makes everything seem so awake and fresh!  

Since I am a lover of lemon, I had to share this new blog post by Train Up a Child

She shows you how to make Lemon Play Dough with your child and it looks perfect for spring!

Click here to read her full post:

Playdough Recipe {Lemon}


Easy Kid's Craft: Valentine Paint Chip Bookmarks

Is it just me, or do all the things in your house seem to break at the same time. We've been spending way too much time at Home Depot recently, but, luckily, it gave me a chance to pick up a few paint chips for a quick little Valentine craft.

I got the idea for this craft when I saw Valentine bookmarks on Pinterest. I decided to change them up a bit and make heart shape bookmarks instead.  This is how to make them:

Choose a paint chip in whatever color you like.  Since we're so close to Valentine's Day, I chose pretty shades of pink.

Take a heart cookie cutter or stencil and trace out your hearts.

Cut out your heart. Punch a hole in the corner.  I prefer to use a hole punch that makes a smaller circle, because it's a little more discrete. Then, cut a piece of ribbon and pull it through.

This project is really easy, inexpensive and I think the results are super cute. Mel, the Crafty Scientist has an amazing Pinterest board full of very creative Paint Chip Crafts.  Are you getting crafty this Valentine's day or making it simple and using store bought cards?

Unconditional Love & Vintage Valentine Printables

Welcome to Day 4 of the The ABC's of Valentines Crafts, Recipes and Kid's Activities! Yesterday, I featured yummy Valentine's snacks, but today is 100% calories free!  It's time to check out U & V of this special series.

U is for Unconditional Love - In the spirit of the holiday, KC Adventures shows us 6 Easy Ways to Love Your Child on Valentine's Day.  These ideas are simple, full of love and fun!

V is for Vintage - Have you ever seen the Graphics Fairy Website? I've been a fan of this site for years and it has a fantastic collection of vintage Valentine illustrations and clip art.  You can use them for DIY Valentine's cards, crafts and decorations.  Here's a sample of what the site has to offer:

If you're loving this Valentine cip art, head on over to the Graphics Fairy Website to see her amazing collection of vintage Valentine images.  I think I'm going to print out some of these images and let my kids make homemade Valentine's cards this year.  What do you think?