Hydration Tips

5 Reasons Why Drinking Water Is So Important #MomsWisdom

Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness

and flawlessness. - Wikipedia

Flawlessness? No matter how hard I try, that's not going to happen.  I've locked myself out of the house twice in the past week.  While strawberry picking with my kids, I was accidentally shocked by an electric fence {true story}.  I'm constantly battling laundry, and I'm spending one more summer at a weight that I really don't want to be at. So, I'm taking a page out of my mother's book.  My mom has taught me never to give up, to take care of myself and RELAX!  

Those words of wisdom are going to get me through these long summer days.  No matter how busy we all are, everyone can take 5 minutes to relax and re-focus. Staying hydrated truly does keep me on track.  When I was a little girl, my friend's mom used to call me "Thirsty Heather," and ever since those days, water has been my favorite drink. 

Here are 5 reasons why staying hydrated is so important:

1) When you're dehydrated, it can impair cognitive performance and mood. Every cell, tissue, and organ in the body needs water, and the brain is no exception.  I'm juggling so many daily tasks, it's hard to keep up, but water helps me think straight. (source / source)

2) Water helps to keep me looking good. Did you know that 60% of an adult body is water? "Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled, which can be improved with proper hydration." says Atlanta dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, MD. (source)

3) Water can help you de-stress. "Being sure to sip water throughout a stressful day can soothe stress-induced symptoms as diverse as headaches, tense muscles, fuzzy thinking, a pounding heart, and low energy. That's because stress taxes all your basic body systems - and when you're dehydrated, the effects are magnified," says Paula Spencer Scott. (source)

4) Drinking water can help control calorie intake - According to Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD "Food with high water content tends to look larger, its higher volume requires more chewing, and it is absorbed more slowly by the body, which helps you feel full."  (source)

5) Water helps to regulate body temperature -  Last summer, I remember many days hovering near 100 degrees.  Nobody is happy when they're hot and cranky.  Keeping myself and my kids hydrated keep our bodies cool and makes us a lot less agitated in the summer heat. (source)

Do you want to drink more water this summer? Last year, over 100,000 fans joined the Nestlé® Pure Life® Hydration Movement by pledging to swap one sugary beverage a day with water for a year to cut 50,000 calories from their diet.  Wouldn't it be cool if we could double that number this year?

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