Hello There, Non-Candy Valentine Treat!

Hello, there!  After nearly a whole week of no blog updates, I feel like I should have something phenomenal to share with you... something big! But, sometimes, being a Mom, Wife, Sister Daughter & Friend takes precedence over all else.

Nothing extraordinary has happened. I was sick. My son was sick.  We had snow, school and sports, of course. We were celebrating two very important birthdays with family. Then, there's all the everyday 'mom' stuff like work, cleaning, taking care of the kids, and the never ending task of matching socks!

Now, we're all healthy and we're getting ready for Valentine's Day! I got some super cute Valentine cards from Shutterfly for my kids to hand out at school. Both of my kids wanted the orange cards which made me really happy. In the photo below, I blocked out my son's name and photo, but you can still see how cute they are. I love these personalized cards and I think they go perfectly with a little clementine.  It's a nice, healthy, non-candy Valentine treat!

What do you think? Do you have your kids' Valentine's cards ready or are you going to whip something up at the last minute?

I will definitely be posting more this week. See you then!