What is Pinterest? What is Pinning?

What is Pinterest?

Imagine you're 15 again. You're looking through your favorite magazines and you find the prettiest new earrings or a new must-have purse. You quickly rip out the photo from the magazine and stick in on the bulletin board in your bedroom.

Now fast forward about 20 years later (Ugh!) and you're finding so many new ideas online. You've found amazing party ideas for your daughters 4th Princess party, you saw the kitchen of your dreams, or a tempting recipe on your favorite blog. Or, maybe, once again, you found the prettiest pair of earrings that you want to add to your wish list. 

Instead of adding a billion bookmarks to your computer (that you may likely never see again), all you have to do in "Pin It."  That's it.  With the click of a button you've 'pinned' your favorite things.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share your favorite online finds. Everything is very visual, so it's perfect for crafts, recipes, home decorating, etc.  You can have multiple pin 'boards,' so that all of your pins can be organized. If you're a major organization nut, you can add as many pins to a board as you want.

Need some inspiration? Just browse other people's public pinboards and 'repin' anything you like.  Pinterest is growing everyday, so there is always something new to discover.

How do you get started?

At the moment, Pinterest is an invite-only website, but you can request an invite.  Just go straight to and ask them to join, or send me an email an I can send you an invite. When you receive an invite, you can register via Facebook or Twitter.

Be sure to connect with me on Pinterest, where I've been finding some really phenomenal crafts and recipes.

Do you already pin?  Are you going to join now?  Are you a Pinterest addict? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Photo source: Party Sandwiches for Kids from IPS Event Planners.