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Celebrate Graduation: Win $50 off your total order at Tiny Prints!

In just a few months, I will be the proud mom of a preschool graduate. It sounds a little weird to say that. With my first son, I don't think we did anything special when he "graduated" preschool. However, this time around is different, because when my little guy leaves preschool, that's it!  No more preschoolers for me.

It's nice to be moving forward and I know this is where we're meant to be.  It's really a good feeling and I am excited to see my son graduate preschool with his friends.

When Tiny Prints found out I had a graduate in the family, they offered me a gift certificate for telling you all about their graduation products and one of my lucky readers will win a $50 off their order Tiny Prints! There are so many things I want from their website and I have always been very pleased with everything I've ever ordered from them.