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Summer Fun for Kids: Minor League Baseball Games

Growing up with my sisters, I never thought twice about baseball. We played sports throughout childhood, but weren't particularly "sporty." An afternoon at a baseball field would have felt like torture, but, it's amazing how being the mom to 2 boys has completely changed me. Over the past few years, my sons have grown to love baseball, and my husband and I are along for the ride with our hands held high!
Our local MLB team is the Philadelphia Phillies and there are a million reasons to love them.  There is no doubt that going to a Phillies game is exciting, but, sometimes less is more. When it comes to Minor League vs. Major League baseball, I have to admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for the minors. 
Here are 4 reasons why I love taking my kids to the Minor League baseball games:
  • The kids can actually see the players.  When you're at a smaller stadium, there really isn't a bad seat in the house.  This is great for younger kids who tend to lose interest more easily.  When they can actually see the players up close it helps to keep them focused on the game.
  • I get to enjoy myself too! I don't feel overwhelmed by taking my kids to a Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball game.  As a parent, it can be stressful going to over-crowded places where I could blink and lose my child. However, the local Minor League stadium is smaller which makes everything easier and more fun. The free parking is just steps away from the main gate. Finding our seats is a piece of cake, and the bathrooms and concessions are all extremely convenient too. 
  • The tickets are a fraction of what it would have cost to go to a Major League game. We're on a budget and family entertainment can add up fast.  My family had 6th row tickets to the minor league game and it only cost about $50 for the entire family. That's a great price for a night out with the family!
  • Minor League baseball games tend to be very family oriented.  I've seen moon bounces, clowns, and on-field entertainment throughout the game to keep the kids entertained. If my husband and eldest son are glued to the game but my younger son loses interest, I can just stroll around the stadium with him and find other things to do.  Often times, we even see people we know, which makes it more fun too.

Overall, it's a much more relaxed setting, which is great for families of young children. 

Have you ever been to a Minor League Baseball game with your kids? Will you be watching some baseball games this summer? Click here to find a Minor League game near you.