The Office Depot REAL Change Project #TeachersChangeLives


Until adulthood, I took my teachers for granted.  I appreciated them, but I had no idea how many hours they spent working from home, how much time they spent thinking about their students, and how much of their own money some teachers use for classroom supplies. Now that I have kids of my own, I see teachers in a whole new light.

My son has flourished in his first year of elementary school. He has adored his teacher from day one. I love her too. Why? Because her positive energy is inspiring and the kids feel it. Her confidence and cheerful spirit makes the kids feel at home in her classroom. She understands the children's need to engage with their peers and encourages them to share their thoughts. She respects them and they respect her. Subsequently, my son has learned a tremendous amount throughout the year and, as a mom, I couldn't ask for anything more!

My sister was a kindergarten teacher, and that's when I first realized what a huge undertaking it is to educate our children. I remember my mom shipping her boxes of classroom supplies to help her out.  Did you know...