green kid crafts

Review: Green Kids Crafts

Have you ever heard of Green Kids Crafts? It is a really cool subscription service that delivers kid-friendly craft kits straight to your door. It's perfect for moms who want to craft with their kids, but don't necessarily want to keep stash of craft supplies around the house, or busy moms who don't have time to come up with new craft ideas all the time.  It's probably the easiest way for parents to indulge their kid's creative side.

Everything comes neatly packaged in a recycled box.  Each month, there's a new themed box containing 3 unique crafts suited for kids ages 3-8.  With each theme, it's easy to turn it into an educational experience as well.  My son, 6, thought this box was so cool.  He's usually not 'into' crafts, so I was caught off guard when he jumped at the chance to complete one of the kits. 

We received a food themed box to review which contained a ton of cool stuff.  My son quickly emptied out all of the colorful tiles to make his own coaster.  Even though everything was recycled/upcycled, I was really impressed buy the quality of the materials. I know he'll have that coaster for a long, long time. After the coaster was made, we both worked on the felt fishing game, which my little guy loved.

My kids and I really enjoyed the kit and it was a nice change from pulling things out from our craft drawer.  If you're interested in trying out a Green Kid's Crafts box, or maybe buying one as a gift, you can learn more on their site Green Kid Crafts.